by Piner

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released October 18, 2011



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Piner San Francisco, California

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Track Name: In Put Back Out
Input is on
Output is numb
Going back to the start
And I'm serious

I put it all
Under the bone
But I couldn't recall
Cause I was on the phone
Track Name: True World
Such a new world
The few are coming
The true world
The sea is moving

So I feel awake
Do I look away
Yes I'm can't you see
We are doin well

The true world
That we are livin
Such a new world
That we are moving

So I'm feeling weak
Do I look away
Yes I'm you could say
We are doin well
Track Name: Diamond Ridge
I see
The river's dream
And I ride
Along the battle rocks and all

You see what you need in me
You see what you need in me, oh no

The bounty creek is all I needed
All I need to be
The rocky road is all I ever want to know

My head is glowing on
A diamond ridge
My head is down below
The sunset
I'm down until the dawn
And I'm coming right along
Track Name: Waste And
waste and

look at the hour
waste and time
I'm ready to go
when you wanna go

go, don't go
to the fountain
at the lake in
a guarded state
don't go to the
bottom of the lake tonight

go searching in the woods
for falling lands
because we gotta take it
back someway
because we gotta take it
back before I go